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Getting started

Setting Up

You need an eye gaze camera to use Look to Learn. You must enable Windows control so that your eyes are moving the mouse cursor.

Most of the early activities only use the mouse movement and will result in an instant reaction. Where a selection is needed, the user must look at the object on screen for 1-2 seconds to confirm the selection.


Your eye gaze system needs to measure your eyes to determine where you are looking on the screen. This process is called calibration.

Recording a good calibration is important for accurate eye control of Look to Learn, however it is less important for activities that use large or no targets such as Magic Mouse and Magic Squares.

When somebody is using eye gaze for the first time, it can be quite effective to use somebody else’s calibration to get started.

This enables the user to begin enjoying Look to Learn without having to calibrate.

Last Revision: 15.08.2022