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How to use

About Look to Learn

Discover fun activities with Look to Learn!

How do I install Look to Learn?

A guide for getting your look to learn license set up

Getting started

Get set up with Look to Learn

Calibration Tips and Techniques

Some Tips to get the most effective use of your eye gaze camera

Look to Learn activities

Get introduced to the activities


Get more details on some activities to teach cause and effect


Check out some activities that encourage the user to engage with the whole screen


Improve your eye gaze accuracy with these helpful activities


Develop your choice making skills with these activities


Fine tune your eye gaze access and drag and drop skills

Analysing activities

Look to Learn includes a built-in gaze analysis tool that will tell you where somebody has looked during an activity

Changing Pictures and Videos

Check out how to personalise your experience with some look to learn activities

Keyboard shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate Look to Learn without a mouse or touch screen.