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Analysing activities

Look to Learn includes a built-in gaze analysis tool that will tell you where somebody has looked during an activity. It can also be used to analyse the range of access to the screen, the relevance of what the user is looking at and to measure progress.

Using the Analysis Tool

Once the user has completed an activity, select Analysis. This will then display a screen that looks like this:

An analytical heatmap showing where the user has looked during the activity.

The coloured lines indicate where the user has looked.
The longer you look at certain parts of the screen the colour of feedback will change from blue – green – yellow – red.
Time taken shows the total time the activity was open.
Press the disk to save the heat map as an image. You can then print this for your records.

Note: For activities without a static background, the heat map is overlaid on a generic screenshot.

Last Revision: 15.08.2022