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My iPad is unresponsive, how do I fix it?

If your iPad becomes unresponsive, this may be as a result of iOS Guided Access being enabled along with other incompatible iOS features, such as Corner Gestures. You may see a screen like the image below – showing as though a screenshot has been taken.

iOS stuck showing a screenshot of Grid for iPad

If your iPad is already stuck, you will need to force restart your iPad. Instructions from Apple can be found here:

Once the iPad has restarted, you may wish to disable the Corner Gestures feature. This is found within iOS Settings.

As of iOS17 (2023):

  • Open iOS Settings.
  • From the left-hand panel, choose Multitasking & Gestures.
  • Turn off the setting Swipe Finger from Corner.

For other versions of iOS, search Settings for “Gestures”.

Last Revision: 20.11.2023