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US Evaluator License Request

We know how important it is for you and your clients to spend time trialing AAC solutions, so we would like to support you with a complimentary evaluator license. Complete either the Grid learning pathway or Grid for iPad learning pathway and complete the form below to receive a full copy of Grid software for evaluations.

Processing times

Once you have successfully submitted your request, one of our US representatives will be in touch. We aim to process your request as quickly as possible. Download your free trial of Grid 3 or Grid for iPad while you wait for your full license.


To be eligible for a Grid Evaluator License, you must have completed one of our free online courses on Smartbox Academy. You should complete either the Grid or Grid for iPad learning pathway courses.

We accept requests from certified Speech Language Pathologists, AT specialists, other AAC clinicians, and students studying speech language pathology or occupational therapy.

Both are interactive eLearning courses which provide a certificate when completed. Simply sign-up to the Academy, complete the course, download your certificate, and complete the form below to be eligible for an evaluator license.

Follow the steps below before requesting an Evaluator License.

  • Sign-up to Smartbox Academy by visiting and register for a free account
  • Enroll on either the Grid or Grid for iPad learning pathway courses
  • Complete the course and knowledge test
  • Download your course certificate
  • Complete this form and upload your certificate to validate your request