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How do I send a Grid 3 grid set to Grid Player?

Grid Player is our free iOS app. It is available on the Apple App store. You can send grid sets which you have created in Grid 3 to Grid Player. 

Can I use licenced content with Grid Player?

The Grid Player App for iOS is available from the Apple App Store and is completely free. Some content in The Grid 2 and Grid 3 requires an additional licence key. This content is not compatible with Grid Player. 

Which languages are supported in Grid Player?

Grid Player and Online Grids support a number of languages for your grid sets. Your language determines the selection of speech voices available in Grid Player, and the suggestions that you see for prediction when typing.

How do I hide the menu bar in Grid Player?

When a grid set has been loaded in Grid Player, by default you will see a Done button to close the grid set and return to Grid Explorer. This can be hidden via the Apple Settings.

How do I delete a grid set that I have sent to Grid Player?

Grid Player grid sets can be removed at any time via the Online Grids website.

How many iPads with Grid Player can I support from one computer with Grid 3?

There is a limit on how many devices can be signed into Grid Player using the same Smartbox account.

How do I change my language in Grid Player?

The language of the Grid Player menus, voices and content can be changed in different ways, depending on whether you have access to a full The Grid 2 or Grid 3 licence.

How do I close a grid set in Grid Player?

Grid sets can be exited at any time, this will take you back to the Grid Explorer screen.

Which commands work in Grid Player?

Grid Player does not support all the features available in Grid software, just the ones essential to communication. 

How do I send a grid set to Grid Player from The Grid 2?

Grid Player includes some ready-made grid sets, so that you can get started with it immediately on your iPad. However, you may wish to send your own grid sets to Grid Player from The Grid 2.