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Which session do I need?

Smartbox offer four different support sessions depending on what you need and how much time you have!

  • Quick support chat (10 minutes) – For quick questions or queries that do not require us to remotely connect to your device. e.g. creating a write cell.
  • Phone support session (20 minutes) – Any query or issue that can be easily explained over the phone. We may need to remotely connect to your device to help us resolve the issue. e.g. troubleshooting Grid Phone
  • Video support session (45 minutes) – For support sessions that need us to physically view the device or accessory to help investigate the issue or query. This can also be used if the device is not remote accessible or is not connected to a network so you can show us your screen over the camera.
  • New device welcome session (90 minutes) – A brief training session that guides you through the basics of operating your Smartbox device and Grid 3, designed for users who have received a Smartbox device for the first time. It covers subjects such as the layout of your device, general maintenance and basic editing. There is a small amount of time for specific questions you may have, but it is not an alternative to a bespoke training session

Sessions are run in English and are booked for UK GMT or UK BST time (UTC+0/UTC+1) depending on the time of year. Video and new device welcome sessions will be conducted over Teams. A Teams link will be sent to your email once the form has been processed.