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Why is there no sound in Grid for iPad or Grid Player?

There are a couple of reasons why speech may not be working in Grid for iPad or Grid Player. Please try the following to resolve the problem: 

Grid for iPad 

  1. Browse to the menu bar (three dots in the top right hand corner).
  1. Select Settings – Speech and ensure a Speaking Voice is selected. 
The Grid for iPad menu.
The Speaking voice in Grid for iPad.
  1. Tap the Configure button and ensure the volume is not set to zero. 
The speech configuration options.

Grid Player

  1. Check under the Settings cog – Choose Voice to check there are voices listed. 
The Voices menu in Grid Player.

2. If there are no voices listed, select the Settings cog, then Support – Refresh All

The Refresh All option in the Support menu.

3. Now check if the voices are showing in Settings – Choose Voice

On your iPad

The mute button on the iPad may also be toggled on; some apps make a noise even if mute is turned on this way. This is the small slide switch on the side of the device, next to the volume icons. 

The mute button on an iPad.

If you can see the orange dot on the slide side switch, mute is turned on, so slide the switch to turn off. When doing so you should see the follow icon appear on the screen: 

The volume icon.

Another way to check if your device is muted, or if your device does not have a side switch, is to open the Control Centre by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen whilst Grid for iPad or Grid Player is open. 

The Apple Control Centre.

If the app is currently muted you will see the icon above in your volume bar (right side of the control centre).

Tap the slider in the middle, to toggle mute off. 

Last Revision: 27.10.2021