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Why does Grid 3 fail to load with Windows?

If you have set Grid 3 to load on start-up via the settings, but it still does not load with Windows, please follow these steps: 

  1. Close Grid 3, right click (press and hold the touch screen) the Windows Start menu (4 squares in one of the corners) and select Task Manager. 
The additional options available via the Windows Start menu icon.
  1. Browse to the Start-up tab and ensure Grid 3 is listed, and the Status is set to Enabled.  
The start up tab in Task Manager.

If Grid 3 is set to Disabled, right click (press and hold the touch screen) and select Enable, then reboot your PC. 

If Grid 3 is not listed, move onto the steps below. 

  1. Close down Task Manager, open the Windows Start menu and select Settings (the cog symbol). 
The Settings option in the Windows start menu.
  1. Under the Apps category, browse to the Startup tab on the left hand side and find Grid 3 in the list of apps. Ensure Grid 3 is toggled On. 
The Apps option in Windows Settings
The Start up tab.

If that doesn’t work, follow these steps to make changes in your devices registry, please note that if you are not familiar with editing the registry, ask for assistance as incorrect changes can cause issues:  

  1. Search for Run in your Windows Start menu, enter regedit.exe 
The Windows run command for registry editor.
  1. Navigate to this registry key location: 
  1. Right click (press and hold the touch screen) on the right side of the panel and go to NewString Value to create a new string value – name it Grid 3. 
Creating a new string value in registry editor.
  1. Double click/tap your new string value and under Value data enter the path to the program: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartbox\Grid 3\Grid 3.exe 
Editing the string to start Grid 3 with Windows
  1. Restart the device. 

Last Revision: 14.01.2022