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Where are my access settings in Grid 3?

Grid 3 supports a range of access methods, and these can be configured to match your needs.

  1. Select the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) in Grid 3. 
  1. Browse to Settings.  
The Grid Set menu bar in Grid 3
  1. Select Access from the menu on the left hand side. 
The left column of the settings menu in Grid 3.

By default, Grid is accessible via touch if your device has a touch screen and by pointer. 

Each access method has a wide variety of settings and options available that can be optimised to suit your needs 

Touch access 

Interact with Grid directly using the touch screen of your communication aid. You may also use a keyguard to help with accuracy. Use the settings to adjust how Grid responds to your touch. For more information on Touch Access, select the link here: Touch Settings in Grid 3

Switch access 

Connect switches via 3.5mm switch ports, USB ports, or even wirelessly. Grid can be configured to scan your grid sets in many ways, and you can connect multiple switches. For more information on Switch Access, select the link here:  How do I connect my switch to Grid 3?

Eye gaze 

Grid supports a number of popular eye tracking devices. Select your camera and adjust the settings to meet your needs. For more information on eye gaze, select the link here: Eye Gaze Settings in Grid 3  

Pointer access 

Pointer access covers a wide range of devices, from track balls to head-trackers, all of which control a mouse pointer on the screen. Use Grid’s settings to adjust how you interact and click on the screen. For more information on mouse and head pointer access, select the link here: Mouse and Pointer Settings in Grid 3

Voice activation 

Voice activation allows you to control Grid 3 using spoken commands to activate cells. It does not function as dictation, but will give you access to any cells in your grid set. For more information on voice activation, select the link here: Getting started with Voice Activation in Grid 3

Last Revision: 05.01.2022