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How do I use more than one picture library in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 allows you to use more than one picture library for finding pictures. 

There are a number of Picture Libraries supported by The Grid 2. You can search more than one picture library when looking for a picture, and specify the order in which they are searched. 

Selecting which pictures libraries are searched 

If you browse to Edit(on the tool bar at the top) – User Settings – Dictionaries – Picture Search, you can select which picture libraries are searched, and the order in which they are searched. 

The Picture Search settings

The Grid 2 will look in the first library to locate a picture for a word. If the picture cannot be located it will then look in the second library, and so on. 

Note: that there is a picture library called My Pictures which is always present, and always at the top of the list. This is used for adding your own pictures (such as photos of your family). 

Selecting pictures when editing 

When you select a picture whilst editing, the best matches from all picture libraries will be shown.  

Selecting a picture for a new cell

Note: you can place the mouse pointer over a picture to find out which symbol library it originates from. 

Displaying pictures for prediction 

Prediction cells will automatically show pictures from the library at the top of the list. Any words that are missing will be automatically filled by the other libraries, in the order set in the list.  

My Pictures 

Each user has a unique picture library called My Pictures.  

You can use My Pictures to: 

  • Select which picture is used for a word in prediction (e.g. you might want to use a different picture for “car”, or change the colour using the picture editor) 
  • Add pictures of family and friends – including photos 

To edit My Pictures, browse to Edit – User Settings – Dictionaries – My Pictures

Here you can add and remove pictures for different words. To add a picture for a particular word, select Add Word and type the word. You can then select the picture for that word. 

The My Pictures screen.

Last Revision: 26.10.2021