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How do I configure switches in The Grid 2?

To find the switch settings, choose Input Settings – Switch in the User Settings window. The User Settings window can be accessed at any time while running The Grid 2. From Grid Explorer, select a user and then choose User Settings from the options on the left, or from within a grid set select Edit – User Settings from the menu bar. 

The Grid 2 switch settings

There is a range of options for switch input in The Grid 2. We recommend that you work through the switch input option screens in turn to fine-tune the user’s switch settings. 

Connecting Your Switches 

Select Input Settings – Switch, and ensure that Enable switch input is ticked, then move on to the Connection page, and select how your switch is connected. 

If you do not have any switches connected, you can use your choice of keyboard keys or mouse buttons as switches.  

You can adjust the switch filtering settings to prevent accidental switch presses from registering. You can also set a long hold of the switch to be handled differently from a shorter press of the switch. 

The switch connection settings

Note: To test your switch is working, connect a switch and press it. You will see the test lights in the bottom left change colour if it is working correctly. 

Scan Pattern 

The Scan pattern page allows you to configure switch scanning. Scanning is the process by which cells are highlighted for selection when using a switch. The scan pattern describes the order and method of scanning. As well as many unique switch options, The Grid 2 includes well known types of scanning such as a simple scan or a row-column scan. Methods such as block scanning, or elimination scanning can be more efficient for many users. 

The scan pattern settings

Switch Actions 

On the Switch actions page you can specify what happens when you press each switch. Switch 1 is normally the Primary switch, which is used to start the scan and select cells with auto scan. Other switches can be programmed to perform a range of different functions. 

The switch action settings


The Timing page allows you to specify the speed at which scanning progresses. 

The switch timing settings

Last Revision: 26.10.2021