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How do I setup an instant SMS cell in The Grid 2?

It is sometimes useful to have a cell that will send a pre-set SMS message from The Grid 2, for example: 

To: Dad 
Message: “I’ve finished for the day. Please come and pick me up from college.” 

Note: you will already need to have your mobile phone configured for SMS messages with The Grid 2 for this to work. 

You can do this using a series of commands in The Grid 2:  

  1. Open your chosen user, browse to Edit in the menu bar and select Editing Mode. 
The edit menu.
  1. Select the cell you want to add the commands to and press Edit cell from under the Cell Options heading on the left hand side. 
The cell options.
  1. Select add a command
Adding a command to a cell.
  1. Select Mobile Phone from within the Categories… button. 
The command categories.

You need to add the following commands. The commands are carried out in the order that they are listed, so you need to add them in this order. 

  • SMS Workspace 
    Change to the SMS workspace. 
  • New 
    Start a new SMS message. 
  • Text 
    Write the SMS message text. You need to put the message into the box for the text command. 
  • Send to 
    Send the SMS to a specified recipient. You need to enter the name and number of the person that the message will be sent to. 
  • Send SMS 
    Send the message. 
  • Default Workspace 
    Change back to the user’s default workspace. This command is in the Change workspace category. 

Once all the commands are added, select Ok and exit Editing Mode using the red circle button on the task bar. Be sure to save your changes when prompted. 

Last Revision: 25.10.2021