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How do I move and resize cells in The Grid 2?

Cells can be moved around on a grid, and the size of cells can be changed. 

Open your chosen user, browse to Edit in the menu bar at the top of The Grid 2 and select Editing Mode.

The Edit menu.

Select the cell you want to move or resize, once selected the cell will show a blue cross through the centre.

A selected cell.

Pressing and holding on the cell and then dragging it will allow you to move it around your grid. It will automatically push other cells out of the way, if there is space for them. If you place it on top of another cell, it will overwrite that cell.

The white squares along the sides will allow to make your cell bigger or smaller. Press and hold on a square and then drag until the cell is the correct size.

Selecting more than one cell 

To select more than one cell, you will need a keyboard attached to your device. Hold the Shift key whilst selecting to select multiple specific cells. You can also hold the Ctrl key and drag a box over the cells you want to select. 

Last Revision: 25.10.2021