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Mouse and pointer settings in Grid 3

Grid 3 is designed to work across a range of different access methods, some of which need configuring. Learn how to set up access for mouse and pointer. 

Pointer settings 

In Grid explorer, select the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and browse to Settings – Access – Pointer.

Grid's access settings for pointer, set to dwell


This setting allows you to select how a cell is activated – 

  • Click – if your pointer has a button, click to activate allows you to tap or click the button to activate the cell 
  • Hold – instead of tapping or clicking the button, the button needs to be held down 
  • Dwell – holding the pointer over a cell for a specified period of time will activate the cell 
  • Press switch – press a separate switch to activate the cell, once your pointer is over the cell you want to activate. 

Depending on the access method selected, further options may be made available e.g. 

  • Dwell time – how long it takes to activate a cell, when using Dwell as your activate method. 
  • The appearance of the dwell timer – what the dwell timer looks like.  

Accidental activations can be reduced by using the slider under Activate. This adds a delay to the amount of selections that can occur within that time period.

The prevent repeat activations slider.

If the toggle to allow repeat activations on the same cell is set to On, repeat selections will be allowed on the same cell, but not on any other cells.


Change the way that the cell you are pointing to is highlighted. You can change the colour of the border or background and magnify the cell. 

Computer control 

These options are for mouse activation, switch to click or zoom to click for computer control within Grid. 

Choose between no click, dwell to click, switch to click or zoom to click. Further options will be available depending on the activation method. 

Zoom to click 

This allows pinpoint accuracy by gradually zooming in on a target on the screen. The level of magnification and zoom time can be adjusted as required. 

The computer control click options
The Zoom to Click settings

Last Revision: 05.01.2022