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How do I connect and use my mobile phone in The Grid 2?

The Grid 2 has the ability to connect to a mobile phone. Using the mobile phone workspace, you can make and answer calls, as well as send a receive SMS messages. 

The Grid 2 requires either a compatible phone or use a SIM card connected with a USB GSM modem. The phone can also be connected via Bluetooth, using the Windows Bluetooth settings. 

You can test to see if your phone is successfully connected by:  

  1. Open your chosen user, browse to Edit in the menu bar and select User Settings
The User Settings option in the Edit menu.
  1. Under the Workspace Settings section, browse to Mobile Phone. 
The Mobile Phone work space setting option
  1. Ensure the Country code and Com Port are set correctly and press Test Now
The Mobile phone setup screen

If your phone is configured correctly, all three tick boxes will show green.

Making a call 

When you change to the mobile phone workspace, you will see a box where you can enter a phone number. You can type a phone number with your typing cells, or have a number pre-stored in a cell. You can also select a contact auto content cell to use their phone number. 

Use the Phone Call command to start a phone call (or to answer a call) and the Hang Up command to end a call.

The Phone call command
The Hang up command

Whilst you are making a phone call, you can switch to another workspace and speak as normal. The person at the other end of the phone will hear the speech and other sounds from your computer. 

Sending or reading an SMS text message 

The Grid 2 has commands for checking the inbox, sending messages and other SMS features. Use the Edit phone number command to get back from the SMS inbox to entering a phone number. 

The Grid 2 SMS commands

Last Revision: 26.10.2021