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The Grid 2 Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of you who spend a lot of time editing grids, you may not be aware that there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to help you out. 

Keys for editing a grid 

 Enter  Edit cell 
 Up, Down, Left, Right arrows  Select adjacent cells 
 J  Make a jump cell (only for a blank cell) 
 F  Follow jump 
 S  Change style 
 P  Change picture 
 H  Toggle for hidden cell 
 0 (zero)  Toggle for “Do not include in scan” 
 Delete  Clear cell 
 Ctrl+left click  Select multiple cells 
 Ctrl+l drag  Select a group of cells 
 Ctrl+Shift+drag  Add cell(s) to another selection of cells 
 Drag  Move cell(s) 
 Shift+drag  Copy and paste cell(s) 
 Ctrl+C  Copy cell(s) to clipboard 
 Ctrl+V  Paste cell(s) 
 Ctrl+X  Cut cell(s) 


Keys for the Edit Cell window 

 Insert  Add a command 

Keys for switch settings 

If you are using block scanning or direct activation, you can select which block a cell belongs to.  Select View – Cell Information, and select the appropriate option. 

Select a cell, and type the appropriate number from 1 to 8. Make sure you have selected the option in Grid Settings – Scanning – I want to select scan blocks manually.

Last Revision: 25.10.2021