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Is discount available for Grid software or apps in the UK?

We don’t participate in deep discounting over short periods of time as we seek to create fair pricing year round that also enables us to offer our unlimited support services.

Rather than creating a situation where people can pay significantly different prices for AAC from one week to the next, we have the following options available for schools and colleges at any time:

Grid for iPad

If you are an education organisation, you can purchase 20+ copies of Grid for iPad at a 50% discount through the official Apple School Programme. Find out more and sign up at

Grid 3 for Windows

Education organisations can purchase multi-user licenses for managing through school networks with more than a 60% discount on the single user licence fee. There is a minimum requirement of 10 users.

Look to Learn & Look to Read

We also have a bundle option for our Learning titles, designed to help people build on their access and literacy skills. Any organisation can purchase Look to Learn or Look to Read in packs of 5 to receive a more than 30% discount on the single user licence fee.

Contact us to talk through a Grid AAC package for your school or organisation.

Last Revision: 26.10.2022