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How do I change the language of a grid set in The Grid 2?

Changing the language of a grid set will change the language used for spell checking, prediction, symbol searches, verb morphology and other language tools in The Grid 2. 
To change the language for a grid set: 

  1. Select the user in Grid Explorer
Example grid sets in The Grid 2
  1. Select User Settings in the Tasks menu on the left. 
The User Settings option in the Tasks menu
  1. Select the About Me option in User Settings
The About me section in User Settings.
  1. Select the Change Language button. 
The Change Language button

After you select a different language, you will be asked if you want to overwrite your dictionaries. If you select Yes then this will reset changes to the prediction and spelling files and restore the default settings for the language you have selected. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021