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How do I backup a user in Grid for iPad?

Manually backing up your user is important to ensure your grid sets and settings are safe if anything happens to your device. It can also be used to transfer your data to a second device if required. To back up a user in Grid for iPad:  

  1. Browse to the three dots (top right corner) and select Settings
The Grid for iPad menu
  1. Select the top option (your username), followed by Backup, Restore & Delete. 
The user settings options in Grid for iPad
  1. Select the option for Back up
The Backup, Restore and Delete options

When you Backup a user there are different options regarding where you want to save the user as shown in the image. 

The Share options when backing up a user

These options depend on what storage apps you have installed and enabled in Settings.  

The Save to Files option will save it locally to your iPad or to your iCloud account. For more information on how to use the Files app, follow this link: 

Other options are to use AirDrop to transfer it to another iPad device, or use the Mail app to email it to yourself.  

Last Revision: 17.12.2021