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How do I use the Edit mode menu bar in Grid for iPad?

The orange menu bar at the top of Grid for iPad whilst in Edit mode, gives you quick access to common functions, as well as different areas of Edit mode. 

The edit mode menu bar

Finish editing – will close Edit mode and save any changes you have made. 

The Finish Editing button

Undo – will undo the last action made. This can repeatedly tapped to undo more changes. If it is greyed out, there are no changes to be undone. 

The greyed out undo button

Select – is used to select multiple cells at the same time. The menu bar will turn blue and small circles will appear in the top left of each cell. Tapping these cells, will leave a tick in each circle to show which cells are highlighted, you will also see different options appear on the blue bar. 

The Select button
Selecting multiple cells in Grid for iPad

Grid set name – is displayed in the centre of the menu bar so that you know which grid you are currently editing 

The name of the grid - in this case "Start"

Grid set icon – displays thumbnails of all the grids in your grid set. By selecting Edit, you can find, rename, copy, delete and add grids to your grid set. 

Grid set icon

Paintbrush icon – access to the Styles menu, allowing you to change the colours and other design aspects of your grid set and cells. 

the paintbrush icon for styles

Grid icon – tools for changing layout (e.g. adding rows or columns), grid backgrounds and grid commands. 

The grid icon

Options (three dots) – provides access to Settings and other grid set wide changes. 

The options icon

Last Revision: 05.01.2022