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How do I switch off the menu bar in Grid for iPad?

To prevent access to the settings and Edit mode in Grid for iPad, you can toggle the menu bar options off. These settings are not found in Grid for iPad, but in the iOS settings app. 

  1. Open the iPad Settings app (grey cog) 
The iPad Settings app icon
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the options on the left hand side and tap Grid. You will see a different colour icon depending on which version of Grid for iPad you have installed. 
The AAC version of the app, as it appears in Settings
The VPP version of the app, as it appears in Settings
  1. You will see Grid’s access permissions (for iOS features). Below this you will see Grid Settings and a toggle switch labelled Display options in menu bar, this will allow you to show or hide the options in Grid for iPad. 
The full list of Grid for iPad permissions.

Last Revision: 17.12.2021