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How do I start Windows apps with Grid 3?

Most Windows 8 and Windows 10 installations include apps ( e.g. calculator, camera, maps, mail). If you have an IoT version of Windows installed on your device, it is unlikely you have apps installed. Please see the What is Windows 10 IoT? article for more information about this.

Apps work differently to programs, so cannot be launched from Grid 3 using a Start program command on its own. 

We have created an app launch grid set, which you can copy cells from to add into your own grid sets. You can find it here: Windows App Launcher grid set

You will see that these cells use the Start program command alongside Windows PowerShell and the relevant app code. We have collated a list of the app codes for the default Windows apps in the table below.

An example start program command for the Windows Outlook app.
App App code 
Available networks ms-availablenetworks: 
Bing news bingnews: 
Bing weather bingweather: 
Calculator calculator: 
Calendar outlookcal: 
Facebook fb: 
Groove music mswindowsmusic: 
Mail outlookmail: 
Maps bingmaps: 
Movies & TV mswindowsvideo: 
MS Edge microsoft-edge: 
OneNote onenote: 
Paint3D ms-paint: 
People ms-people: 
Settings ms-settings: 
Solitaire collection xboxliveapp-1297287741: 
Store ms-windows-store: 
Twitter twitter: 
Voice recorder ms-callrecording: 
Windows Defender windowsdefender: 

Last Revision: 06.01.2022