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How do I resize a cell in Grid for iPad?

All cells in Grid for iPad can be resized to make them larger or smaller. It is useful to make the workspace cells (such as the chat writing area) larger, so the information they display is larger on the screen. To resize a cell:  

  1. Open your chosen grid, browse to the three dots (top right corner) and select Edit grids
The Grid for iPad menu
  1. Tap the cell you wish to resize, you will see 4 blue circles appear in each of the 4 corners of the cell. 
An example cell with the 4 dots in the corner
  1. Tap and hold one of these circles and drag outwards to make the cell larger, or inwards to make the cell smaller.  
An enlarged cell

Note: if you resize the cell over the top of other cells, it will overwrite them if there is no space for them to be moved into.  

Last Revision: 05.01.2022