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How do I edit or remove a command in Grid 3?

Many of the commands in Grid 3 have additional functions or settings that can be adjusted to change what the command does. Commands can also be removed after they have been added, or the order of commands changed to modify what the cell does when pressed.  

Editing a command

You can access the additional settings or functions on a command by tapping the command itself when editing a cell (three lines in the top left corner – Edit grid – select a cell – Commands (on the left hand side). Each command will have different, or no, additional options for you to modify depending on which command you use. For example: the Write command has the additional Same as cell label switch, which allows you to change the cell label independently of the words in the Write command itself.

The Write cell with the additional "Same as cell label" toggle switch

Removing a command

Commands can be removed from cells at any point, by tapping the X in the top corner of the command, when editing a cell.

The X button to remove a command

Changing the order of commands

Commands in Grid 3 run from top to bottom. If you are looking to achieve something specific, you may need to modify the order of commands you have to see the desired result. You can rearrange the commands in the list by tapping and holding on the name of the command (For example: where it says Write) and then sliding your command to the relevant position in the list.  

Swapping two commands to change the order.

Last Revision: 26.05.2022