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How do I edit an existing write cell in Grid 3?

Write cells in Grid 3 can be edited at any time to change the write command itself, the label of the cell or the symbol the cell uses. You will need to be in Edit mode to make these changes (three lines, top left corner – Edit grid).

To change the text which is sent to the writing area, select the cell and change the text on the Write command on the left side of the screen (below the Commands heading). If Same as cell label is toggled On, the cell label will also change with the text. If it is toggled Off, the cell label will remain the same.  

Modifying the text in the write cell

To change the cell label, click Change Label under the Home tab. Make your changes and press Enter or select a different cell. Note: if Same as cell label is toggled On, the words in the Write command will also change.

The change label option on the Home tab.

You can modify the symbol or picture on the cell using the picture browser on the Home tab. Grid 3 will recommend alternative pictures, or you can use the Find Picture option to manually select one.

The Grid 3 picture browser.

Last Revision: 06.01.2022