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How do I connect and configure my eye gaze camera with The Grid 2?

To find the eye gaze settings, choose Input Settings – Eye gaze in the User Settings window. The User Settings window can be accessed at any time while running The Grid 2. From Grid Explorer, select a user and the choose User Settings from the options on the left, or from within a grid set select Edit – User Settings from the menu. 

Eye gaze is an advanced technology that allows people with limited mobility to access The Grid 2 simply by looking at the screen. Select Input Settings – Eye gaze, and select the eye gaze device that you are using to reveal the available options. 

The Grid 2 camera selection screen

The Grid 2 supports:  

  • The Eyetech TM4 Quick Glance 
  • The LC/Eyegaze Edge 
  • Alea IG30 & CAM30NT 
  • Tobii C-Eye, PCEye* and PCEye Go
  • Humanelektronik SeeTech 

* This is the original Tobii PCEye, not the newer Tobii PCEye 5.

The Selection page lets you choose which eyes are tracked and how you will select cells, whilst the Highlight page provides options for visual feedback when selecting cells. The Calibration page enables you to adjust The Grid 2’s built-in eye gaze settings and perform a calibration. If you need to tweak the calibration or adjust more advanced settings, please use the software provided with the eye gaze system. 

The eye gaze selection settings
The eye gaze highlighting options

You can also use eye gaze with The Grid 2’s Computer Control features to access Windows. The Grid 2 occupies a portion of the screen and can be used for launching programs, on screen keyboard and selecting mouse buttons. When you look at the other parts of the screen, you can control the mouse pointer and use our zoom-dwell function to click accurately on other windows. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021