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Can I use licenced content with Grid Player?

The Grid Player App for iOS is available from the Apple App Store and is free to download. Some content in The Grid 2 and Grid 3 requires an additional licence key. This content is not compatible with Grid Player. 

Licenced content includes: 

  • Licenced grid sets – e.g. PODD and WordPower 
  • Paid-for symbol libraries – e.g. Mayer Johnson PCS 
  • Additional voices – e.g. Harry (UK Male child) 

However, Grid Player includes five free grid sets and the Widgit, SymbolStix and Snaps symbol libraries as standard. 

Other grid sets that are ready to work with Grid Player can be found on the Online Grids website – – or can be created yourself. 

Last Revision: 27.10.2021